80m Vertical - 18m fg Spiderpole

Quick Overview

80m Vertical on an 18m Spiderbeam fiberglass telescoping Spiderpole.

         Quick Comments

  • This is a FULL SIZE quarter-wavelength vertical.
  • Wire Size:  Use 1mm (AWG-18) wire for power levels up to 600w.  For higher power levels, see:  CONSTRUCTION TIPS.
  • You can easily fit 20.5m (67 ft.) of wire onto the pole, simply by spiroling the wire down the pole, about 1 turn per meter.  This also balances the load of the wire on the pole and improves stability.
  • Initially, the antenna should resonate below the band.  Start with 21m (69 ft.) of wire, then shorten as needed.
  • The "coil" shown at the bottom is not really so much a coil, as it is a tuning method.
  • The idea is to spiral the turns farther apart (on the top part) and near the bottom, make them a little closer together.  This enables you to TUNE the antenna by unwrapping a little wire, to raise the resonance as required.
  • Although not shown, it is a good idea to feed this antenna with a CMC Choke.
  • Depending on the number of radials and characteristics, you may want to use a Hairpin Match to improve the match.  Usually this is not necessary.


Details of the 80m Vertical on an 18m Spiderpole
This document gives you a few tips for building and tuning this antenna.
Spiderbeam 80 Vertical V.1.pdf
PDF-Dokument [280.8 KB]
Guying Instructions for the 18m Pole
This document shows you how to guy the 18m Spiderbeam fiberglass Spiderpole.
Guying the 18m Pole.pdf
PDF-Dokument [94.7 KB]