by Rob Sherwood, NC0B


Rob Sherwood is a huge fan of using ground screens with verticals -

not instead of radials, but in addition to radials.



In 2009, Rob gave a presentation on this topic during the Antenna Forum at Dayton.


Rob orginally wrote an artical on this subject, which was published in the May, 1977 edition of Ham Radio magazine.  The title of the artical was "Using a ground screen to compliment or replace a radial system."

Even though it is old and dusty, it is still very valid.  


You can download the presentation and the original artical from HR below.

Ground Screen Replace / Compliment a Radial System
This is the 2009 presentation on using Ground Screens with verticals, which Rob gave in the Antenna Forum in Dayton in 2009. a
PDF-Dokument [774.8 KB]
ground screen - an alternative to a buried radial system
This is a PDF of the 1977 article which was published in the May edition of Ham Radio magazine.
PDF-Dokument [708.7 KB]

Pictures of Rob's Ground Screen