Add-On 30m Dipole Option (1000 W.)

The capacity-hat end-loading wires slide in between the outer two existing elements of the 3-Band or 5 Band Spiderbeam Yagi:




This option is similar to the 40m Add-On Dipole, and may be attached with the existing Balun or with a 2nd, dedicated Balun and feedline.


Although a common BALUN and Single Feedline is cheaper and easier to install, it has a disadvantage:  The Front-to-Side ratio of the antenna is degraded on the higher bands, especially on 10m.   However, the Front-to-Back ratio on the higher bands is not affected.


Dual-BALUN, Dual Feedline:  When the 30m add-on dipole is fed through its own dedicated BALUN and feedline, the Front-to-Side ratio on the higher bands is not affected.


NOTE:  When using the add-on 30m dipole and the add-on 40m dipole together with the Spiderbeam, you MUST use a separate BALUN and feedline for the two dipoles.  Best case, mount the BALUN connecting both dipoles about 1 meter (3.3 ft.) above the BALUN connecting the higher band driven elements.  This enables greater separation between the wires of the two dipoles.




STEP-1: Connect each dipole half to the side screws of the BALUN.  (either the common BALUN, or the dipole's dedicated BALUN)


STEP-2:  Extend each dipole half as far as it will go and fasten to the boom with a stainless steel hose clamp.


STEP-3: The End-Loading Wires are extended with PVDF Monofil line and fasten to the ends of the side spreaders, like all other elements of the Yagi are fastened.



  • Normally NONE!