Add-On 30m Dipole Option (1000 W.)

The capacity-hat end-loading wires slide in between the outer two existing elements of the 3-Band or 5 Band Spiderbeam Yagi:

This option is similar to the 40m Add-On Dipole,

and may be attached with the existing Balun

or with a 2nd, dedicated Balun and feedline.


Our goal was to keep the antenna as simple as possible and easy to build.  Anyone who can splice and solder a couple of wires together, and crimp a solder-lug onto a wire can easily build this add-on dipole.


Before beginning assembly, cut the 6 wires as follows:

  • 4x 170 cm  (End-Loading Wires)
  • 2x 460 cm  (Dipole Wires)
  • Crimp a solder lug onto each of these 2 dipole wires and solder.
  • Slide a 2cm long piece of 3/1 heat-shrink tubing over the wire, all the way against the solder lug and heat-shrink.
  • Slide a 2cm long piece of 6/2 heat-shrink tubing over the wire, push to the solder lug, and slide over the barrel of the solder lug; heat-shrink.


Wire Assembly:​

STEP-5: Slide the ends if each end-loading wire through an insulator and secure by tying a know 3cm from the end of the wire.  Pull knot tight, then cut 2cm off of its end.


STEP-6: The End-Loading Wires are extended with PVDF Monofil line and fastened to the ends of the side spreaders, like all other elements of the Yagi are fastened.



  • None!



  • This is just our design on paper.
  • We plan to build and test this antenna this week.