Tuning the 40m Add-On Dipole

Generally the 40m Add-On Dipole will resonate a little low and you may have to prune it to get resonance where you want it to be.


Resonance is tuned by adjusting the capacitive-loading wires on each end of the dipole.


NOTE:  the wires on the reflector side of the dipole are a different length than the wires on the director side of the dipole.


When you shorten the 2 ends of each of these 2 loading wires,

YOU MUST shorten all 4 ends by the exact same amount.



  • Begin by measuring and recording the exact frequency on 40m where minimum SWR occurs.  (Write it down; don't just memorize it.)
  • Next, shorten each wire end by 10cm (4 inches).
    • IMPORTANT:  DO NOT CUT WIRE; fold the excess wire back and twist over itself, securing with a wire-tie.  You may cut it later, AFTER you are sure the lengths are correct.
  • MEASURE AGAIN the frequency where minimum SWR occurs and record.
  • Knowing how many kHz the frequency of SWRmin rises when shortening by 10cm, you can calculate how much more you must shorten to move SWRmin to your target frequency.
  • CAUTION:  ALWAYS move in small increments; NEVER cut all at once...that is a sure way to end up with the wires being too short.