Building a Spiderbeam is really QUITE EASY, but there is a lot of repetitive work.  As a result, it usually takes you about 20 to 25 hours to build the beam.  The Portable version takes a little longer because you have to glue the Velcro strips onto the fiberglass spreaders.


The two steps which require a little bit caution and skill are:

  1. building the driven elements and feedlines
  2. building the balun.


Here are more detailed instructions for doing both:


Spiderbeam Driven Element Construction
This file contains step-by-step instructions (with pictures) for constructing the driven elements of the Spiderbeam.
PDF-Dokument [1.0 MB]
Spiderbeam Balun Construction Guide - English
This file gives you step-by-step instructions for building the special Spiderbeam Balun.
Spiderbeam Balun Construction_Eng.pdf
PDF-Dokument [904.7 KB]
Spiderbeam Balun Bauanleitung (Deutsch)
This file contains step-by-step instructions for constructing the special Spiderbeam balun. This is the German version of this file.
Spiderbeam Balun Bauanleitung.pdf
PDF-Dokument [744.0 KB]