Wire Vertical Mounting




STEP-1:  Prepare the fiberglass pole for use.  Install clamps, and guy belt (if used).  Then secure the pole to its base support using two small straps (or rope). 

  • Tip:  Pull the top two segments out from the rest of the segments, then tape the top segment to the segment below it, such that about 20 cm (8 inches) are extending above the lower  segment. 
    • Then let the lower segment retract back inside of the other segments.
    • Now slide all 11 clamps (+ Guy Belt if used) over the top segment, with the largest first, then in decending sizes.  See Clamp Set
  • Procede to Step-2

STEP-2:  Prepare the wire radiator by tying a simple knot in the wire about one or two cm (1/2 in.) below the top of the wire.


STEP-3:  Fasten the wire about 1 cm (1/4 in.) below the top of the pole using a black UV-resistant wire-tie.  The knot must be just above the wire-tie.  Pull the wire-tie as tight as you possibly can, then cut off the excess stub.


STEP-4:  Extend the pole to its full height, tightening the clamps for each segment of the pole, and spiral the wire around the pole about one or two turns per pole serment.  

NEXT:  Connect the coaxial feedline and radials to the feedpoint near the ground.

NOTE:  This method avoids using any unnecessary components,

     which would just add weight to the antenna.

Each pole segment is conical.  This prevents the wire-tie and wire from sliding further down the pole.