Mounting Baker & Williamson T2FD



This antenna requires special procedures to use with the Spiderbeam fiberglass pole, WITHOUT breaking the pole!


If you follow the directions carefully, it may be safely used with any Spiderbeam telescoping fiberglass pole.


With two heavy devices near the top, obviously it cannot be safely mounted at the top of the pole.  You must drop the antenna down the pole a segment or two, depending..



Like all antennas, the T2FD has advantages and disadvantages. 

Its main disadvantage is its weight. 


7 pounds for a wire antenna to be used with a lightweight telescoping fiberglass pole, presents a problem (that can be managed).   Contrast this with Spiderbeam's wire antennas, Aerial-51 Model 404-UL (1 lb.) or 807-HD (2 lbs.).


CAUTION:  Follow the Installation Instructions (below) - EXACTLY!


Special Instructions for Installing the B&W T2FD

onto a Spiderbeam 12m Fiberglass Pole:


  1. Must guy the antennas as per Spiderbeam guying instructions.
  2. Must use 2 additional (thin) guy ropes near the height of the balun, and perpindicular to the wire legs of the antenna.
  3. Must use the optional clamp set.
  4. Mount terminating resistor at 10m height.  (11m is OK for temporary portable use when you are on-site to drop it if the wind picks up).
  5. Must thin coax up the pole (RG-58, RG8x, LMR-240, etc.).
  6. Spiral the coax down the pole, don't let it hang to one side.
    • Begin by standing the retracted pole up and securing it to something, like a fence post or ground stake.*
    • Then pull the segments out, beginning with the thinnest first;  pull it only out about one ft. (25cm), and temporarily tape it at that level with electrical tape or duct tape.
    • Insert all clamps onto the pole (thickest first; see: ) . . .
    • . . . sliding the guy belt over the pole above the clamp for segment #7, and under the clamp for segment #8.
    • THEN remove the tape and begin to pull the segments out, fastening the clamps as you telescope the segments upwards.
    • Fasten the Terminating Resistor at the junction of segments 10/11 (or 11/12 for temporary use).
    • Fasten the balun at its correct distance below the terminating resistor.
    • After connecting the coax, strap the coax to the pole with a wire tie.  Then spiral it down the pole, about one turn per segment of pole.

*If you extend the pole horizontally on the ground, mount the antenna, then try to pivot the pole up into the vertical position, YOU WILL BREAK THE POLE!