Elevated Guy Ropes

When operating portable, Guy Ropes sometimes present a danger to pedestrians walking by.  In this case, the Guy Ropes may be ELEVATED to enable pedestrians to pass safely under them.


The fiberglass tubes shown in the drawing above are the tubes used in the Spiderbeam Heavy Duty Yagi antenna.  They are each 1 meter long (3' 3") and are available in Spiderbeam's Online Shop under "Spare Parts".


Always mark the lines clearly with several pieces of security/warning tape incase any tall basketball players are walking by. (hi)   Tip: don't make them so long that they reach the ground, in case any mischievius dogs are passing by!


I use this same support method as end supports for Inverted-V antenna (i.e., Aerial-51 Model 404-UL) whenever there are no trees available.


REMEMBER:  The purpose of guy ropes is to limit the amount of horizontal movement of the fiberglass pole in strong winds.  It is not the primary means of supporting the pole.  The pole itself should be supported at its base by strapping it to a fence post, wooden stake, or piece of angle-iron hammered into the ground.