Pole Base Cap

All Spiderbeam fiberglass poles ship with two rubber caps, one on each end.


These caps are primarily forseen for protection during transportation, to prevent the pole segments from sliding in or out of each other during transport.


The top cap must be removed before using the pole.


The Bottom Cap should also be removed for permanent installations

as these rubber caps are not UV-resistant and will deteriorate 

if exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time.


If you leave the botton rubber cap on the pole for longer than a day or two, you should cut 2 or 3 holes in it with a sharp knife,  to enable drainige of condensed water.

(See picture below)


Do not install the pole without base protection.

Otherwise the pole will slowly eat its way into the ground.



Use a Simple, Inexpensive PVC-Cap


  • Purchase a PVC-Cap in any hardware store
  • Drill a few drainage holes in the bottom
  • Place it on the ground with the holes against the ground
  • Insert the Spiderpole (without rubber cap)

If desired, you can secure the PVC-Cap to the ground by

hammering a large screw through one of the holes.  This prevents the cap from sliding around during installation.





The table on the right shows the outer diameter (O.D.) of each model of pole, and the closest PVC pipe whose cap may be used as a base for the Spiderbeam pole.


Note: the I.D. of the cap must be larger than the O.D. of the base of the fiberglass pole.

If desired, you may also strap the pole to a wooden or metal stake in the ground... or even a tent peg.  This also helps keep the base from sliding around while you are fastening the guy ropes.