Fiberglass Pole Maintenance


Well you "could" wash your pole with a beer,

but there are better applications for this liquid!


Fundamentally, all Spiderbeam fiberglass poles themselves are maintenance-free. However, you should occasionally check the guy ropes for excessive slack.


In some cases, re-painting might be required after about 10 years, or sooner if erected in locations with extremely strong Ultra-Violet exposure.


More info:  PAINT MY POLE



NEVER put any kind of oil or greace on a Spiderbeam fiberglass pole!

New poles come with a thin coat of oil on their surface.  This usually wears off within a few weeks of use, especially after it has rained. 

  • There is no need to refresh this oil.
  • If you put oil onto the pole anyway, and it gets into the friction-lock part of the pole segments, the friction locks may not function properly until they are cleaned and the oil is removed from the surface.



You may wash the pole in warm water using dish-washing soap and a sponge.


The best place to wash it is in the bathtub, however the 22m and 26m pole segments are probably too long to fit in the bathtub. 


Another possibility is to run a long rope through 2 or 3 segments and tie the ends to anything, such a tree or fence.  This raises the segments off the ground, making it easier to wash them.  Be sure and rince the soapy water off thoroughly.

Using a garden hose, squirt water inside of the segments to rinse them.


To dry the poles, it is best to stand the segments up vertically so that the water can run out of them easily.


No further maintenance is required.


CAUTION:  Never store the poles away when they are wet.


If you return home with a wet pole, please disassemble it, removing all segments, and stand them up someplace warm and dry where they can dry out.


After they are completely dry, you may re-assemble the pole and store it away.

PROBLEM:  I read the warning above too late, stored my wet pole in the basement, then when I wanted to use it 6 months later, it had lots of tiny white bubbles on its surface.


Don't worry; this is only a 'cosmetic' problem.  The pole is still fully functional and may be used without any problems.  If the looks of the pole bother you, you may re-paint it.