Special (safe) Tape

For Spiderbeam Fiberglass Poles




Electrical Tape, Duct Tape, and any other tape which uses an adhesive glue for sealing should NEVER be used. 


Although they seem to be OK in short-time usage on cool or cold days, on hot days the adhesive glue melts and seeps down the tube segment into the segment below it. When you remove the tape, there is often a sticky gooey residue on the tubes.


For permanent installations, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND using the specific accessary Clamp Set designed for the Spiderbeam fiberglass pole.


For day outings or short-term installations, we recommend using special, self adhesive tape made of PVC and does not leave a sticky, gooey residue when removed.  Examples of this are shown below.


I have been using Coroplast tape for a few years now and have never had any problems after using it.  Other users have had good experience with the other brands of tape shown below.




I recently ordered 10 roles of Coroplast Tape on Amazon.de for about $15 (US dollars).


Specifically:  Coroplast 302 Tape


Amazon.de Link:




The price per roll was about $1.50 (for 10 meters / 33 ft. of tape).


In addition to the 10 rolls of Coroplast Tape (above), I also received a roll of orange-colored tape for free.


HelaTape Flex 15 is not Coroplast, but it is PVC tape and seems similar.  According to the advertisement, it does not leave a residue when removed.  It is very strong in length but unlike Coroplast (which cannot be torn in its width) HelaTape can easily be torn in its width.


I have not tried the HelaTape yet.  One possible use is for marking things such as insulators on ends of wires.  The orange is easier to see than the black Coroplast.


Tesa Iso Tape


This tape seems very similar to Coroplast and is available on Amazon.com.  (For user in North America)


Link:  https://www.amazon.com/tesa%C2%AE-Insulating-Tape-Self-Adhesive-Heat-Resistant/dp/B004SQLWH2 


Important is to use tape that does not use any adhesive for binding.  Adhesive (glue) is what does the damage to the poles.


Silicon Tape


Like the two types of tape listed above,  this tape uses no adhesive; thus it leaves no residue when being removed.


  • Self-fusing Silicone Tape that does not melt up to 260°C (500°F) making it ideal for emergency repairs for automotive, plumbing, marine, hose, electrical, indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Silicone rubber has a tensile strength capacity of 900 PSI, giving it superior water and air tight sealing performance for high pressure pipe leakages.
  • Corrosion-proof and has high resistance to heat, harsh solvents, chemicals; Meets UL 510 standards and ISO 9001 on Industrial Grade Sealing Application.
  • Flexible, Stretchable and conforms even to small pipe diameters, tight corners and cold environments up to -50°C (-60°F)
  • Insulates up to 600 volts/mil and dissipates heat generated well so as to resist melting, weathering and tearing.


Source:  https://www.amazon.com/XFasten-Silicone-Fusing-1-Inch-36-Foot/dp/B01N7KC62D/ref=sr_1_5?crid=270IXNE7BS7PP&keywords=silicon%2Btape&qid=1690039542&sprefix=silicon%2Btape%2Caps%2C229&sr=8-5&th=1 

Wuerth Nastro Isolante P.V.C.

(Available in Italy)

  • Safe insulation and identification during electrical installation.
  • Chemical base: acrylate, soft PVC film
  • Thickness: 0.15 mm
  • Dielectric strength: 9 kV/mm
  • Min temperature resistance: 0 °C
  • Temperature resistance max: 90 °C

Source:  eshop.wuerth.it


Spiderbeam Mini-Poles:


Currently there are no Clamp Sets available for the Spiderbeam 7m

and 10m Mini-Poles.  Coralplast tape is perfect for using with Mini-Poles.



Other Uses:  Wrapping Clamps:


When using the optional Clamps with Spiderbeam fiberglass poles, ropes and/or wires often get caught in the clamp stub pertruding from the end of the clamp.

Wrapping with a couple layers of tape eliminates this problem.


However, when using standard electrical tape, you often find a sticky/gooey residue on the clamp after removing the electrical tape.


With Coroplast Tape, there is no residual residue left on the clamp, even after long-term usage.