Un-Sticking Stuck-Segments

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Adjacent segments of the Spiderpole are held together with a Friction Lock.


There are two problems which you may incur with the Friction Lock:

  • When the temperture falls and the pole contracts, the friction lock may loosen and the segments collapse.
  • When taking the pole down, sometimes two segments stick together and you can't seem to un-stick them.
    • This page will show you an easy way to un-stick two segments


Normally it is no problem to undo the friction lock:

  • Grasp the lower segment with one hand, near its top
  • Grasp the upper segment with the other hand, near its bottom
  • The push together, while twisting the segments in opposite directions.


Tip: Wear thin leather gloves or any kind of work gloves with a slip-resistant surface.


If that does not work, then the next section (Un-Sticking Sticky Segments) will show you a method that always works.




Procedure for Un-Sticking Sticky Segments:

Brute Force Method:


Requirement for this procedure to work:


(You have to believe that this works!)


  • Also wear thin leather gloves when doing this (or some kind of similar gloves).
  • Be sure that the rubber cap is on the bottom of the pole
  • Drop all segments below the two segments that are stuck
  • The lower segment of the two stuck segments will now be inside the other pole segments, with the upper stuck segment being the first segment protruding above the lower segments.
  • Make sure the rubber cap is on the bottom of the pole.
  • Place an old piece of wood on the ground, under the pole.
  • Grasp the bottom segment with your left hand, about 12 to 18 inches from the top of the bottom segment
  • Grasp the upper segment of the two stuck segments with your right hand, about 6 inches above the joint to the segment below it.
  • Raise the pole about one foot, and then jam it to the ground WITH FORCE (striking the wood) while holding the bottom segment with the left hand and applying the downward pressure to the top segment with your right hand.
  • This usually releases the friction lock and the upper segments slide easily down into the others.
  • If it did not work, raise the pole 18 inches and try again.  USE FORCE.
  • It WILL work.  It always works.
  • I have never heard of anyone damaging the pole using this method.


Note:  if you are left-handed, reverse the position of your hands in the text above.



Approximate Metric Lengths:

          6 inches = 15cm

        12 inches = 30 cm

        18 inches = 45 cm