Spiderbeam 12m Fiberglass Spiderpole


From time to time I am asked what the height is at the top of some specific segment. 


This is a difficult question to answer, so using a complex formula, I was able to come up with the chart on the right:    -->        -->          -->          -->          -->       -->       

The "EXACT" height, to the milimeter, cannot be specified.  Each pole segment is about 1.18m long with an overlap of about 18 cm.  Exactly how long the overlap is depends on how much force you apply when activating the friction lock. 


I wanted to measure the pole from top to bottom when fully extended, but my arms were too short to reach the top of the pole. 


Using a ladder, I was able to reach the top of the pole, but then my legs were too short to reach the ground.                      :-)