EXTENSION for the 12m FG Pole

Of course the very best extension is to replace it with a larger Spiderbeam pole.

  • 18m / 60 ft.
  • 22m / 72 ft.
  • 26m ? 85 ft.

Sometimes this is not financially feesible at the time and an immediate need arises.

There are work-arounds.


Suggestion #1: Use Wood

Spiderpole Extension - WOOD
This document shows how to fabricate a square wood pole to accommodate the Spiderbeam 12m fg pole.
Spiderpole Base Extension.pdf
PDF-Dokument [304.8 KB]

Suggestion #2: Use Army Surplus Fiberglass Tent Poles

Army Mast Base Extension
This article shows how to use US Army fiberglass 4 ft. tent pole segments to extend the pole.
12m Extended Base.pdf
PDF-Dokument [93.9 KB]


This is best done with 2 people:

  • Insert the swaged end of the the first tent pole inside the bottom of the fully extended Spiderpole and push it until it stops.  You are left with about 8 to 10 inches of army pole sticking out of the bottom.  
  • Raise the Spiderpole 4' 8" off the ground and slide another tent pole under it.
  • Raise it once again 4' 8" and slide the next tent pole under it.
  • This has now extended the pole by 8'.

I have never tried to go any higher than that.